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A precise and up-to-date inventory of natural resources and real-estate patrimony is an essential prerequisite for the implementation of sustainable land management. According to the mission, multiple information of the studied area can be demonstrated on a cartographic base-map: Land use, suitability, zoning and accessibility.


By means of additional sensors mounted underneath the UAV, overlapping images are collected over the area of interest. These images can then be used to produce 3D data which can in turn be used to predict forest biophysical characteristics (e.g. timber volume, basal area, stem number, and mean height).


The value of geospatial technology through aerial data acquisition lies in facilitating decision making, effectively managing resources and assets, enhancing the efficiency of workflows, and improving the accessibility of rapid information.


Agricultural resources are among the most important renewable in the world today. An accurate, comprehensive and timely availability of relevant data is therefore imperative to the implementation of effective management procedures. When the results are coupled with targeted soil testing, exceptionally precise treatment can be applied.




Digital mapping represents a powerful and unlimited source of useful information.

The integration of GNSS technology with GIS and remote sensing technologies has enabled the collection and analysis of geospatial data in a far more accurate and timely manner.

The value of geospatial technology in supporting decision making together with effectively managing resources and assets, enhances the efficiency of workflows, whilst improving the accessibility of information. 

TerrEye gives the operator an up-to-date cartographic view of your natural resources and a greater visibility across all your planning activities by delivering precise data, updating existing information, and store it on a customised Web application.